Patch of Land offers debt-based crowdfunding solution

Patch of Land, a real estate crowdfunding solution has announced all existing and future loans will be directly secured by underlying collateral that provides increased protection for its projects.

Jason Fritton and his team spent over a year working on a secured debt investment structure for their real estate crowdfunding startup Patch of Land.Through extensive research and consultation they developed an investment structure using the underlying collateral as security, which is a first for real estate crowdfunding.

A REIT offers exposure to real estate without any of the work. They offer debt and equity investments that exclusively focuses on institutional commercial real estate.. interests with you, the investor, and based on the type of investment.. Patch of Land is a peer-to-peer real estate lending marketplace for.

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Real estate crowdfunding platforms have created a unique solution to this problem. Some platforms, like Patch of Land, pre-fund the deals so you start.. Preferred equity and debt deals have different fee structures based.

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 · The Patch of Land marketplace offers investors easy diversification into real estate with low minimums and a best-in-class, secured loan structure, while providing borrowers access to reliable.

Patch of Land aims to be the real estate crowdfunding platform for everyone. They offer low minimums for accredited investors that are just getting started with real estate investing. Most investments have loan durations of just 12 to 24 months.

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