Should real estate agents disclose murder?

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Once you sign the contract, if the boss makes an offer, you’ll have to go through your agent, right? Not so fast. Before you sign with the agent, disclose in. their commission. Real estate agents.

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This case did not happen in Miami, and I do want to note up front that different states and countries have different real estate disclosures laws. But I find the basic question to be interesting: Should a Realtor be required to disclosure that a murder or suicide (or both!) took place in a home they have [.]

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Under Australian common law, vendors and real estate agents are required to disclose any information considered to be a "material fact" to prospective property buyers. This includes instances that have occurred on a property such as murder, violent crime and even the suspected presence of ghosts.

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Disclosures Required of a Real Estate Agent Under Virginia Law.. However, the agent is required to disclose facts only about the physical condition of the property itself – the agent need not disclose anything about adjacent properties, land use regulations, or highways or.

When do Home Sellers Need to Disclose a Death on The property.. real estate disclosure law also stipulates that a seller and his/her agent must disclose any fact of which they have knowledge that could be material to a buyer’s decision to purchase the property.

Real estate agents have ethical obligation to disclose if murder or death took place in home for sale Home buyers reluctant to buy home where murder, suicide or drug part of its history

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What Virginia Listing Agents Must Disclose About a Property.. Disclosures Required of a Real Estate Agent Under Virginia Law.. the agent need not disclose anything about adjacent properties, land use regulations, or highways or streets near the property, even if the agent knows about.